Balsam Fir – For muscles, lungs, skin and nervous system.

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Balsam Fir –  Abies balsamea, is quite surprising for its versatility and history. Fir oil was used by Hildegard of Bingen for fevers, paralysis and in an ointment for the insane to “restore their mind and good health”, back in the 11th century. The natives of North America used it for skin, bruises, burns and wound healing.
Its a highly anti-inflammatory essential oil and can be very powerful for relaxing the nervous system, muscles spasms, uplifting spirits, supporting the lungs and respiratory system.
It has also been studied for its powerful antiseptic effects on staphylococcus spp. & E. coli. 

Balsam fir is a fine oil and is very gentle on the skin. I use it on my infant son (I do dilute is 50/50)

How I like to use Balsam Fir Essential Oil. 

  • For muscle spasm, inflammation or pain, I apply a few drops straight on the area or I mix 10-15 drops in 30mls of massage oil to make it spread further.
  • For wounds/bruises or skin I apply a few drops on the skin and then follow with a fatty carrier oil like almond or avocado oil.
  • For lungs – opening my respiratory tract I rub a few drops onto my chest
  • For depression/uplifting my spirits I rub a few drops on my temples  (keeping the oil well away from my eyes). I also like to cup my hands over my face and take deep inhalations
  • 5-8 drops in a diffuser
  • To calm the nervous system I rub 1 drop on the occiput (the divot at the base of the skull where it meets the spine)

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