Essential oil Diffusers

Home diffuser

Home diffuser

A diffuser is a great way to get your chosen essential oils through your home or office.
Essential oils when they are heated greater than 71C (160F) it can cause the essential oil to separate and break down, thus altering its chemistry and they can loose their therapeutic properties. If you want to diffuse the oil into the room then you want to use a cold air diffuser.

If you have the old fashion oil burner with a candle underneath, throw it out.
If you use that for diffusing your oils then you are wasting your money. You’ll still get a fragrance for the oil, but it will have lost its therapeutic properties, so it kinda defeats the purpose of using therapeutic grade essential oils.

The diffuser I like to use the most is the ultra sonic diffuser. They use water, (tap water is fine) and then add 5-15 drops of essential oil and then you turn it on and then it turns its self off when it runs out of water. Young Living’s  current Home Diffuser has the draw back of not being able to turn off the light, other than than I find it great. It runs for about 3 hours.

TheraPro Diffuser

TheraPro Diffuser

If I’m dealing with toxic black mold or a serious lung condition where I want to get a really large volume of essential oil then I use the Therapro Diffuser. (This is not available in Australia, us the Diffuser complete). This one uses straight cold air to diffuse the oil, there is no water involved so it produces a finer oil molecule which hangs in the air and is much more dense. The drawback of this one is that it chews through essential oils very quickly. You have the ability to run this diffuser on a timer and then you can turn it on and off at different 5 minute intervals and well as adjust the volume of oil it puts out.

This video explains how to use the diffusers and you can also hear how loud they are.

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