How to make a 20/80 dilution for infants

Oil dropping Because infants are so much smaller, their skin more sensitive and they have less toxicity in their bodies, I like to dilute many of my oils 20/80 before I apply them to my infant son.
Most of the oils get applied to his feet, unless I’m dealing with a specific condition, ailment or injury then I apply the oil to that area. (eg: cuts, bruises etc…)

Once my son is over 12 months I’ll change his dilution ration to a 50/50 dilution. This is because he doesn’t have any skin conditions and has had no adverse reactions from the use of oils on his skin.

What you need to make a dilution:

  1. An empty bottle. Either a brand new one, or an old one. You can always buy them at website like this one if you don’t have any old ones you want to recycle.
  2. Some sort of fatty carrier oil.  Like almond oil, olive oil, fractionated coconut oil etc…
    I like to use Young Living V6 massage blend its a blend of 6 different carrier oils. – Coconut oil, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

Approx. number of drops per bottle:
(I say approx. because some oils are thicker than others so that have less# drops per bottle)

A 5 ml bottle has approx 100 drops of essential oil.
a 15ml bottle has approx 300 drops of essential oil.

Take the lid & dripolator out of the bottle you are going to fill up. Undo the lid of the full bottle, but leave the dripolator in that one, and then hold the bottle slightly above the empty one so you can count the # of drops going into your empty bottle.
To get a 20/80 dilution you need 20 drops for a 5 ml bottle and 60 drops for a 15 ml bottle.
Once you have counted out your drops of essential oil, then get your carrier oil and fill the bottle to the top with the carrier oil. You don’t have to count the # of drops of the carrier oil as we already know that filling it up completes the ratio. Put your dripolator back on and screw the lid tight, shake well, and then its ready for use.

Here is a video for the visual learner.

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