Cold and flu – Essential oils for Infants

Immupower smallIts such a feeling of freedom knowing that when my infant son (currently 10 months) gets sick that I have simple, safe and effective solutions that can be used for an everyday ailment like the common cold.
The oils that I find are “Essential” for dealing with cold and flu for infants are:
Myrtle Essential oil – for opening the lungs and relaxing the respiratory area (I use this undiluted as it is a very mild essential oil). I rub it on his chest.
Thieves Essential oil blend (Diluted) –  for stimulating the immune system. I rub it on his feet every time I change his diaper/nappy (this can be up to 8 or 9 times per day.  I do use a diluted mix 20/80 (that’s 20% essential oil to 80% carrier oil. In a 15 ml bottle there are approx 300 drops so that’s 60 drops of essential oil to 240 drops of carrier oil).
Breathe Again Roll-On – this is to clear the nose and clear the lungs. I also rub it on his chest. Its already diluted with coconut oil so I don’t dilute it further.

My “Big Gun” oil is ImmuPower Essential oil blend – This oil blend is one that I use when the other oils don’t seem to be shifting the cold. I tend to use it for a very short period of time and as I really want it to push out the cold I apply 1-2 drops undiluted on the soles of his feet 3-5 times in a day.

I have used these oils on my son from early days of his life and found them to be an invaluable tool.

This video has a a deeper explanation on how to use the oils.

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