Manifesting Abundance


One oil blend I have had a long term love affair with is Abundance Essential Oil Blend.
Its a beautiful “rich” oil blend of myrrh, patchouli, cinnamon, orange, spruce and a few others! It falls into the spicier fragrance category of blends.

My favourite ways to use Abundance:

  • I anoint myself with a few drops behind my ears, on my pulse points, over my heart or even around my belly button to clear the umbilical connection I have to growing up in an environment without much money.
  • I also put a few drops onto my wallet, cheque book or bank statement to attract an abundance of wealth to my financial life.
  • You can add a 15ml bottle to a 40 litre (10.5 gallon) tin of paint and then you can paint abundance into your walls.
  • Add a few drops to the door way of you business to enable people to walk abundance into your business.
  • You can even add few drops to an advert of an item (ie your home) that you are wanting to sell.

It can also be used to attract any other type of abundance – times, friends, space…. pretty much anything!!!!!

When you are using this oil blend to attract things make sure you are very specific in what you are focusing on as it is a powerful amplifier and you want to be focused on what it is you want to attract, not want you don’t want to attract. (ie: bills).
And remember to have fun with it!!

Here is my video about using Abundance essential oil blend to manifest abundance in your life.

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