Essential oils for First Aid – Crushed Fingers

I so grateful for these oils and how effective they are for first aid situations. 
Valor, Panaway Peppermint

Yesterday my 10 month old son got the top of two of his fingers jammed under a closing door. I grabbed him and rushed over to my oils. I pulled out Panaway and Valor and started applying them to the two fingers that were crushed, immediately. I have found when you are dealing with first aid issues that the faster you get the oil on the area the more effective they are and the greater impact they will have in reducing the bleeding, swelling and bruising.


Fingers about 20 mins after injury

Because it was a first aid situation I just dropped 2-3 drops of each of  Valor and Panaway blends on each finger (undiluted) every 2-5 mins till his crying calmed. (This took about 30 mins).
In-between I held him and held his injured hand to prevent him from rubbing his face or eyes with the oils on his fingers. (If he had rubbed his face or eyes I would have grabbed my carrier oil, Young Living’s V6 massage blend, (or any other sort of fatty oil like almond, olive or coconut oil) and applied liberal amounts to the area that he had rubbed to make sure that it didn’t cause any stinging.)

I could tell the oils were making a difference because his crying would intensify and then I would drop the oils onto his fingers (which wasn’t easy with waving arms and crying wriggling baby) and less than a minute after applying the oils his crying would calm again. I stopped applying the oils once he had settled for an extended period of time (which was about 30 mins post).

About an hour and a half after it happened, he was back playing and his normal cheery self and using his fingers with no signs of pain.

I applied 2 drops of Valor to each finger a few more times, to help reduce the bruising, before he went to bed that night, and the next day he has no bruising, the fingers are a little red, but the scabs are forming very nicely (see pic below).

Valor and Panaway are two oils that are a must for my first aid kit. I keep them in my bag as well as my house so I always have them in easy reach.
Here is a video of me explaining this further for you.

The next day (24 hours post)

The next day (24 hours post)

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