Magnify Your Purpose – Goal setting

Magnify Your PurposeThe new year is the perfect time to set your goals.
My next few video blogs will cover the different essential oils you can use to enhance your clarity and vision when setting goals and enrich your outcomes.

Todays oil is Young Living’s blend – Magnify Your Purpose.
My favourite places to rub this oil are over my heart, my third eye, solapelxus chakra and back of my neck.

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There is a caution when using Magnify Your Purpose oil blend. It contains cinnamon essential oil which can cause skin irritation as it is high in aldehydes. If you use this oil blend and it irritates your skin, take a carrier oil (fatty oil) like Young Living’s V6 or coconut, almond, olive, Jojoba etc.. and rub a few drops of the carrier oil on to the irritated area. This will dilute the essential oil and reduce the irritation. If the irritation doesn’t disappear after 1 minute from the first application then reapply the carrier oil on the area till the irritation subsides.

If you wish to order Magnify Your Purpose go to and become a member. When you enrol you need to add my sponsor and enroller ID #685608
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