Essential Oils and ointments for Diaper/Nappy Rash

Animal scents, tender tush, claraderm My little man had a runny bum for about 1/2 a day and it left his butt cheek so vibrantly red and very sore. I had never heard my son truly scream in pain till I tried wiping it down.
It became a wrestling match on the change table with him screaming and trying to get away (It was the first time I had really heard in scream in extreme pain) and me trying to clean up the poop and get something on his skin to relieve the pain.

So I turned to my trusty Young Living products.

First I sprayed the whole area with Claraderm spray (its the spray I used extensively on my perineum tears and scaring post birth, so I know first hand how soothing it can be for inflamed and tender skin).
Then I slathered Animal Scents Ointment over the area. Its nice and thick and gloopy so it helps to seal the area and sooth raw skin.

Every time I changed him I  continued to sprayed him down with the Claraderm first. I found the animal scents ointment wasn’t giving the level of relief I was looking for so I then began to use Tender Tush and I applied liberal amounts all over hims bum with every change.
The combination of the Claraderm and Tender Tush did the trick, his screaming stopped almost immediately and the raw redness disappeared within a few hours. His poo must have had a lot of acid in it because as it healed you could see discolouration on his skin where it has been burnt. Within a few days of  applying this combination his skin was back to normal.
Tender Tush is designed to sooth baby skin.  It does contain lanolin so if you or your child is allergic I would avoid using it.  Thankfully Miles is fine. If your room is cold then the lanolin gets thick in the tube and when it comes out it feels a bit lumpy. The lumps are the lanolin, but once it gets on the skin and warms up the lumps will melt.

Even after 10 years of using these products I’m constantly surprised how fast acting and effective they are! 

I’ve also put together a video talking about the same information for the visual learner.


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