Localised Raindrop

Raindrop kit

I have been a Raindrop Technique® Practitioner for the last 9 years and it is truly my favourite technique to give.
I also really love receiving this technique, but it’s difficult to do it on yourself.

If you’ve never heard of Raindrop and you want to learn more please click here.

Sometimes when I have an injury I like to do what I call a “Localised Raindrop”.
This is when you apply all the Raindrop oils in order on a specific part of the body. ie: shoulder, calf, wrist.

The order of the oils to be applied is:

Aroma Siez

I just run through the raindrop oils in order as, listed above, putting 2-4 drops of each essential oil on the area of the pain, rub it in, and then apply the next oil continuing till I run through the above list.
The oils can get a bit warm on the skin so I always have my carrier oil on hand. If it get uncomfortably hot I liberally apply Young Living’s V6 oil to the area to take the heat out of it. (Any type of fatty oil like almond or olive oil will do if I don’t have my V6 on hand. The essential oil molecules are lipophilic, which means they naturally dissolve in fats, and the molecules of fatty oils are much bigger than those of essential oils. So the fatty oils absorb the essential oils and this slows down the penetration of the oils  through the skin reducing any heat.)

*** Note: I only ever do this application method with Young Living Essential Oils. They are my preferred brand because of their high quality and consistent purity. ***

If I really want to drive in the oils, (which I do with an acute injury), I  take this to the next level by applying a warm wet compress over the top of the area I just applied the oils to. I have been using therapeutic grade essential oils for over 10 years so I am used to using them. I find when people are new to essential oils just applying the oils with out the warm wet compress is still highly effective.

To make a warm compress:  I get a hand towel and run it under hot water till it gets really warm (almost tool hot to handle), ring out the water and then lay it over the area I’m putting the oils on.
I then put a double or tipple folded towel on top of the wet towel and then sit with it till it cools down.  When I do this, some times it can get very hot, it feels so hot I think my skin is burning, (its not, (I checked the first time it happened. The heat is just from the oils pulling out the toxins and inflammation), if it gets too uncomfortably hot I just remove the compress and apply some V6 on the area.

I repeat this every day for an acute pain and every few days for a mild injury.

The raindrop oils come in their own kit, which also includes a bottle of V6 massage oil and Ortho ease massage oil. I started with this kit and then just replaced my oils with bigger bottles, its a much more cost effective when using them regularly and the bottle of V6 lasts ages.

If you are new to essential oils and would like to order any please contact me: catherine@lypc.com.au and I can help you set up a Young Living account. My distributor ID  # 685608.

The only brand of oils I use are Young Living. The information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.
IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease.