Because I have more to give to the World.

Recently I was asked. Why do I get up in the morning?

I have created my life where I don’t have any comittments. I really don’t have to get out of bed in the morning. I have no children, no full time job. Our income doesn’t need me to work. I could easily stay in bed all day and the world will continue to revolve around me, without me participating.

But I have a burning desire within myself to make a difference. I love connecting with people. I love expanding peoples consciousness. I love that moment when they move into their heart and they come home. Because it brings me closer to, and reminds me of my own, home. That place within self where you feel complete, whole. Connected to your spirit.

It’s funny because taking a hiatus from my life, (I literally packed up my life in Australia and followed my husband and his job to New York), has been one of the most defining experiences in my life. I stepped away from everyone that I knew, and the personas I created for my self. It is almost like now I’ve forgotten how to be that woman. I am instead awakening a new woman.
I’ve just started up my clinical “practice” again (and yes I am practicing what I most desire to learn). And I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do. There is more to come and speaking engagements is my next focus and I’m scared spitless sometimes, but I’m still doing it.

It isn’t as perfect sounding as all that. Getting to this point has sucked so bad at times that I didn’t think I was going to cope. I spent days crying, from loneliness, disconnection and loss of identity. Eating everything in site to numb down that voice inside me desiring to give, be and do more.
I have been reading Dr John Dimartini’s Breakthrough Experience (a great novel by the way) and he says “With change comes an identity crisis that’s really the breaking through of old values and character habits.”
With breakthroughs comes chaos, and chaos leads to change. Embrace the chaos.
Look for the kiss (the positive beneficial outcome that furthers your journey) because at the end of every harrowing experience there is going to be one hell of kiss.
So pucker up people


Pucker Up People. The Kiss is coming!!

Why do I get out of bed every morning?

Because I have more to give to the world.

And I’m following through.