Essential oils for Bursitis

I have been an avid ‘Oiler’ for the past 9 years since I was introduced to Young Living essential oils. They have changed my life. Through Young Living I have discovered Purpose, Health & Abundance. Yep it sounds really cliche but it is true.

I had a snow skiing crash in Feb. I was hurtling down the mountain at about 70km per hour, (43miles per hour) caught an edge and my right shoulder took the brunt of the fall. I slid for an impressive distance. Laid there for a bit groaning. I got back up on my feet, walked part way down the hill, collecting skis and stocks, then clipped back in and finished the run. Sure my shoulder was hurting, I was having trouble holding my arms correctly to ski, but nothing was broken.

It is now June and needless to say I did do some damage. Has anyone ever had a bursitis? It’s an inflammation of the fluid sack in the joint. Because it’s inflamed it impedes joint movement and presses on the nerve. I haven’t been able to raise my arm over my head without pain for 5 months.
Of course being the superwomn I am I pushed through the pain and continued to dance, climb and do all the activities that used my shoulder. It hurt buy hey no pain no gain right?
I’ll give you a hint. That’s not the best way to heal an injury. There is one magical phrase when it come to healing and that is …. Rest. Yes the favoured action by very few.

Being an all natural gal, I refused the injection of cortisone the physio therapist and Joint Dr offered me and have chosen the slightly slower rout to health. Rest, essential oils and natural supplements.

My favourite Young Living oils for inflammation, specifically bursitis are: Spruce, RutaVaLa, Idaho Balsam Fir, Peppermint, Basil, Pine, Marjoram and Palo Santo. Now I haven’t applied all of these oils every day, but have rotated through them morning and night.
I have also been taking about 3-5 Sulfurzyme caps 2-3 times per day.
The sulfurzyme helps to balance the liquid inside and outside your cells. Which in the case of inflammation means there is too much inside.
And now I’m almost healed!