2017 The Year of Nurturing

2017 takes us into a 1 year in numerology (2+0+1+7 =10. 1+0= 1). This is the year of new beginnings. 2016 was a 9 year and was a year of closing and clearing.… Continue reading

Finding the gift

Need an oil to help with shock? (Election shock for me today). Last night, once I found out Trump won the election, I struggled to sleep. Honestly it really shook me to the core… Continue reading


Surrender.  When you read this word, what does it conjure in your brain? What does to it mean to you? For me it’s been almost a feeling of panic. To surrender means a laying… Continue reading

Monsters Away Spray

My son has hit the age where his imagination has begun to impact his ability to sleep.. in his case its monsters in his bedroom. So I created a “Monsters Away Spray.” I took… Continue reading

Are you stuck on a treadmill in your life?

Are you tired of living your life the same way? Ready to shift but not sure of what to do first? Let’s start with the foundation. A common thread I notice with my clients,… Continue reading

Transition, Change and Rebirth

Times of transition, change and rebirth are hard, emotional and can be scary. Easter/Passover its one of the times in the year that we experience this sort of transition, although it certainly happens… Continue reading

Stain or Sticky Mess in your Diffuser?

Quick and simple solution.

Tired, Sore or Aching Muscles?

Relieve Muscle discomfort Fast!!

Super Charge Your Brain

Spending a few minutes every day, in a consistent daily action, is one of the foundational keys to living a fulfilled life. Take time to nurture yourself with Super Brain Yoga, supercharged with essential… Continue reading

Struggling with self doubt, self loathing, or frustration?

Do you want to feel alive, vibrant and sensual? Below is a great tip for you to incorporate into your daily oiling practice, but if want to know whats really going on with… Continue reading